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ORPHANS OF ELDORADO (Orfãos do El Dorado)

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Director: Guilherme Coelho

Country of Production: Brazil


Location Sounds: Miroslav Babic/K13 Kinomischung


Based on the most recent novel by Brazilian writer Milton Hatoum, and entirely shot in the Amazonic region in the months of August and September of 2013, Blind in Paradise tells an Amazonian man’s tale of love, obsession, and madness.
When Arminto returns to his childhood town, he falls in love with a spellbinding woman who everyone says longs to live in a sunken city, according to an indige- nous legend. In his pursuit of this unattainable (and thus irresistible) love, Arminto squanders both his family inheritance and his sanity. On the path from passion to ruin, Arminto plunges deeper and deeper into the mythical world of the Amazon, turning his own life into fable and tragedy.