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RICKY: Three’s a Crowd


Director: Kai S. Pieck

Writer: Hannes Klug

Stars: Rafael Kaul, Jordan Elliot Dwyer, Merle Juschka


Sound Mixer: Jörg Theil



Life isnt easy for 10-year old Ricky – his cooler, bigger brother Micha, who just dropped out of school, is always giving him a hard time. Their parents business is in trouble, and with emotions running high, Michas conflicts with his father threaten to boil over. Things change when the tough and headstrong girl Alex and her dog move to town. Micha is very interested but she plays hard to get, so he gets Ricky to spy on her for him. In return, Micha agrees to protect his little brother from his two bully friends. Soon, however, Ricky must decide where his loyalties lie. With his brother? Or with the girl who could very well be his first true love? Not even the Chinese novice monk, Xi Lao Peng, who exists only in Rickys imagination and who is there when everyone else has abandoned him, can help him.